Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Owners should be ready for emergency situation even for pets!

Pets become part and parcel of life when an adopter adopts the pet. So it always becomes his or her responsibility to take care of the pet properly. But there always exists an option of loosing the dearest pet. Because there always exist more than one single pet of one variety in the same locality. So there is a high percentage of chances that the pet can be lost somewhere or may be swapped with some other pet looking exactly as the same as of yours. So there must be some steps taken in order to stop the problem. One must be aware of how many pets of same verity and same looks exist in the locality. And therefore the pet owner should take steps to make the pet look like unique. But in doing that the skin should not be tempered at all. Bleaching is not an option for the pets because it can always harm the pet.

Some of the pet owners have tried to put different colored tags around the collar area of the pet. But in case the tag goes missing, the pet can be lost for ever. In recent times people have tried to put a chip inside the pet. That is always helpful because then the exact location of the pet can be found if the pet goes missing.
The owner should contact the police authority and the fire brigade to know the services the provide for finding a missing pet.

In case there is no such service available in the locality, then some of the owners can make a community that serves pets at its very best.
Again, taking care sometime can mean a surgical operation instantaneously. So the owner should be aware of the fact that how much time does it take to reach the nearest vet nary hospital from the locality. All care that we take of any pet, it gives back to us by loving us. So we should not make any excuse to serve it the best. As a owner it should be the mentality.

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